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 The topic of my master’s thesis evolved not only from my own interest and fascination of jacquard weaving. A little bit of luck contributed to the final outcome of this study as well.  At an early point of my study, I wanted to discuss the material and col-our design of woven textiles. I considered various ways on how to approach the subject from a fresh and meaningful point of view. In the beginning of the spring of 2014, I spent three months on an internship at the Italian weaving mill Lodetex. Lodetex is specialized in the production of jacquard fabrics for furnishing markets. I decided that doing my thesis in collaboration with Lodetex would be a viable continuum after working in the company as an intern. I discussed the matter with owner Luca Farhanghi and he agreed that a thesis collaboration would be interesting and beneficial for the both of us. He informed me about a few production lines that the company planned on developing. One of these lines related to clipped designs. To me, the development of clipped designs seemed like a fascinating and interesting topic to research. Since I had already designed two clipped designs during my internship, I realized that the weaving process of these fabrics required more advanced technical understanding in interwoven structure of cloth. Therefore, this project gave me a chance to improve my skills in artistic expression as well as develop my knowledge in designing, weaving and finishing of clipped cloths.

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Winstrol steroid pret

winstrol steroid pret


winstrol steroid pretwinstrol steroid pretwinstrol steroid pretwinstrol steroid pretwinstrol steroid pret