Tren ace without test

I know X has had some rough patches last year, but the guy came through for everyone, and I never had any issue during that time period, so I trust the guy and will keep going back until he gives me a reason not to. Commo and transit time take a little while, but guess what folks, buying steroids online isnt fucking amazon dot com. You arent gunna get your shit in 3 days. Be patient. It will come. Almost all of my packs from X have come in the 6-10 business day window. Plan accordingly. I am ordering some more of this amazing Zyklon tren from him next week.

I include Test all year round on blast and cruise, but I remember reading a study in which Tren was used as an androgen replacement in someone who had low natural Test and was considered a possible replacement. Apart from sex drive (as I know everyone seems to worry about that) would Tren, Deca or EQ be able to act as a standalone or would a low dose Test + the above be absolutely necessary? Some of you may have read the whole Tren as possible TRT replacement study but I can't find it! Sex drive btw is higher with Tren, Deca has no effect negatively and EQ I actually don't know as not run without the others. Deca I ran alone once and was awesome, but don't know if it fulfills all the body's 'needs'.   Feel free to call me an idiot for dreaming to run no test- I'm on blast and cruise due to 16 month (when just a supplement) M1T run 16 years ago- idiot status confirmed 

Tren ace without test

tren ace without test


tren ace without testtren ace without testtren ace without testtren ace without testtren ace without test